The quality of real estate photos you use can make you stand out from the competition.
Visual Motion offers swift, high-quality and affordable real estate photography
that makes potential buyers want to live in the homes you have to sell.

From splendid interiors to outstanding exteriors,
our photos communicate the brilliance of your property, inside and out.
Each shot is carefully planned and executed, providing the best combination of speed,
quality and affordability.

Standard Shoot

The Standard Shoot is comprised of 20 daytime propfessional images. This shoot is the most popular shoot for all sizes of houses or large apartments.

Mini Shoot

The Mini Shoot is comprised of 12 daytime professional images. This shoot is the most popular shoot for standard apartments or duplexes.

Twilight Shoot

Twilight photography is comprised of 20 dusk/night-time images, and is a great way to make a visual impact. It can capture a warm and unique aspect of a property, and creates an eye catching image.