Preparing Your Home for Photography

Good photography starts with good preparation.
Below is a checklist to assist you in preparing your home for a successful photo shoot.


Have the lawns mowed, leaves raked, hedges trimmed, pathways swept. Remove vehicles/boats/caravans from driveways and house front.
Hide wheelibins so they are not visible from the street, empty letterbox of junk mail/newspapers.
Remove any door mats, pet beds, food/water bowels, garden hoses, clothes from the clothes line, and BBQ covers.
If there is a pool, uncover and clean, remove pool toys, skimmers and creepy crawly, pool cleaning products and tools.
Contain pets in the garage or out of sight.


Make sure the kitchen sink is empty and all dishes are put away.
Clear bench tops of food, appliances, tea & coffee jars, dish racks and cutting boards, and declutter.
Remove any decorations or magnets that are on the fridge.
Remove tea towels, dish washing liquids, soaps etc.
Ensure range hood light is working
Remove keys from key rack
Remove all stationery, pens, mail, loose papers, note pads etc.


Prepare the beds with your best bed linen.
Remove medications, books, reading glasses, tissue boxes and jewellery from bedside tables.
Remove rubbish bins, heaters, portable fans, and clothes etc.
Declutter desks, remove toys and posters.
Make sure that all bedside lamps are working
Turn off ceiling fans and open the blinds or curtains


Clean shower screen, bathtub and sinks.
Remove soaps, shampoos, razors and cleaning products from showers & bathtubs. Clear bench tops of soaps, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste and sink plugs.
Put all the toilet seats and lids down and remove toilet brush and toilet rolls.
Put out colour matching towels and hung neatly on rails.
Remove rubbish bins, scales, and bathmats, brooms, mops and cleaning products. Clear away clothes, shoes and laundry baskets.

All interiors

Remove any “clutter” inside the home, and put away toys, clothing,
dishes, towels, etc
Flowers can add a gorgeous pop of colour or a bowl of fresh fruit
Clean windows and vacuum/mop floors.

Turn off ceiling fans and open the blinds or curtains
Make sure all lamps and light bulbs are working and turn on all lights. Remove TV remotes, magazines, newspapers, tissue boxes